About Golden Age Audio

Golden Age Audio is an audiobook proofing and post-production company based in Atlanta, Georgia. Our team members have worked on titles for indie production companies across the U.S. as well as top publishing houses; Hachette, and Penguin Random House. We strive to provide top-quality results, no matter how big or small the project.

Our company name comes from the 'Golden Age' of ancient Greece. During this time, art flourished in Greece. The monuments, art, philosophy, architecture, and literature from 500-300 BC  continue to influence modern life. Similarly, we believe this to be a 'Golden Age' of audiobooks. With the increasing popularity of audiobooks, it's easier than ever for everyone to have access to literature that enriches our culture, and for all voices to have the opportunity to be heard.


You can check out a sample of books Golden Age Audio has had the pleasure of working on by clicking on 'Portfolio'.

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After post-production, I trust Samantha's discerning ear and eagle-eye for detail to ensure that my titles are as perfect as possible before delivering them to distributors. Her turnaround time is incredibly quick, with absolutely zero drop in quality. Her QC reports are incredibly thorough - nothing gets by her. Whether it's a title that absolutely needs to be word-perfect, or an author read where they've taken some artistic liberty, Samantha takes direction very well - delivering exactly what I need, never missing a deadline. Highly recommended for anyone in need of quality Audiobook QC/Proofing services!

average rating is 5 out of 5

Thomas Mis

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