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Project Management

All post-production is handled by a dedicated project manager who oversees every step of your project. We use sophisticated project management software to ensure all of your projects stay on track.


The cherry on top! As the final step in the process, we can add in music, SFX, and guarantee that your audio is distribution-ready.


We provide quality control for your audio. This includes checking for misreads, pronunciation, noise, character voice, awkward or unclear audio, and editing issues.


Are you an author needing assistance with producing your audiobook? We can help! From casting to post-production and finally distribution. We will assist you with each step of the process.


Our engineers go through your unedited audio to fix noises, spacing, double edits, and make sure that your audio sounds fantastic.


Do you already have an audiobook produced but need help figuring out how to get it distributed? We will review your audio to make sure it meets distribution specs and help walk you through how to get your book distributed.

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